OurFondren Neighborhood Association (OFNA) is the organization of and for residents of the Fondren neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi.  OFNA is dedicated to sustaining the neighborhood of Fondren and maintaining the welfare of its residents.  OFNA is solely made up and governed by the residents themselves.  OFNA is focused on beautification, code enforcement, crime and communication. Partnering with the Fondren Renaissance Foundation, COPS, Security Association of Fondren, SoFo, the City of Jackson, Fondren Association of Businesses, and the other Fondren neighborhood associations, OurFondren strives to positively move the neighborhood forward together and to be a source of information and action for our residents.
OFNA is composed of  three committees:  Crime/Neighborhood Watch, Code Enforcement/Beautification and Communication.  We have quarterly meetings, which are a "Party With A Purpose," for each of our committees and the year culminates with our general Annual Meeting in October.  OurFondren remains vigilant against crime and we encourage a sense of community along with our efforts for code enforcement to keep Fondren the place where people want to be.  OFNA encourages this community spirit by hosting annual events like the Bright Lights, Fondren Nights contest in December, Community Appreciation Picnics in Fondren Park and working closely with the city and our other Fondren organizations, like Fondren Renaissance Foundation and Find It In Fondren, for events like the Zippity Doo Dah weekend in March and Neighborhood Night Out events.  We are currently working to encourage and organize our Street Captain Program which has been a success in the past, a movie series in Fondren Park and monthly OFNA Happy Hours.  We, as a neighborhood association strive to be a voice, tool and advocate of our community.  To be a Contributing Member of OurFondren Neighborhood Association it is $40 annually per household.
 Crime/Neighborhood Watch:  OFNA is committed to keeping our neighborhood free of crime, our residents safe and our homes secure.  We believe that communication and familiarity with one another is a key tool in accomplishing this.  Our Nextdoor site is a key to keeping one another informed of what is going on the neighborhood.  It has proved to be a great tool and our own Commander of Precinct 4, Commander John McGowan, is an active participant.  We hosts two Neighborhood Night Out Events, a Street Captain Program and OFNA's quarterly Party With A Purpose.  At the quarterly meeting we provide security experts, as well as City of Jackson and JPD representatives.  
Code Enforcement/Beautification:  OFNA does not take this aspect of our responsibilities lightly.  We know that this is as crucial to our community as its safety.  We have OFNA board members that work tirelessly on mapping and enforcement so that we are aware of everything going on in our neighborhood.  Our duties and experience have been representing Fondren at zoning hearings, negotiating with absentee landlords on keeping up their properties and working with the city on drainage and street issues.  Communication is key here, as well, as we take every concern of our residents to heart.  At OFNA's quarterly Party With A Purpose, we have many representatives from the city of Jackson, including the Public Works Department and Planning and Development.  We are eager to work with the city this year on Alternative Use Pathways to make our neighborhood more pedestrian friendly.
Communication:  Communication is key in any relationship and that is true for our neighborhood.  OFNA promotes a community among its residents and as one major tool OFNA has used is maintaining our Nextdoor.com website which provides a wealth of information for our residents and encourages dialogue among our members.  We also maintain our Facebook website.  OFNA Communications Committee hosts our quarterly communications meeting (or Party With A Purpose).  Here we provide another opportunity for our neighbors to come together with concerns or questions in person.  OFNA hosts informational speakers and experts for any concerns at the time in the neighborhood.  It is a great opportunity to see familiar faces and meet new neighbors as well!  Our monthly OFNA Happy Hours are a less formal gathering at local Fondren businesses to discuss current issues and events.
These committees are all open to OFNA members.  If you would like to participate on any of these committees, please contact us.  We would love to have you!

OurFondren Neighborhood Association
P.O. Box 5265
Jackson, MS  39296