To be a Contributing Member of OurFondren, members must pay the annual dues of $40 per household. These dues are used for OFNA Quarterly Meetings, OFNA Street Captain Party, the Holiday Meal for Precinct 4, our Spring Neighborhood Night Out, the OFNA Annual Meeting, our Community Appreciation Picnic, Movie Night In The Park, and other expenses incurred throughout the year. We are looking forward to being able to add several other great activities to our calendar, but we do need your help. If you have not, please pay your dues. Dues may be paid via Paypal or mailed to OFNA, P.O. Box 5265 Jackson, MS 39296. Thank you!

Contributing Members, as of September 2017

​Jeannie Barlow
Kim Barret
Michael Billings
Elisha J. Blades
Laquisha Braboy
Charles Brenner
Melissa Bryant
Jayne Buttoross
Judith Cleary
Kathleen Clem
Melia Dicker
Larry Edwards
Linda Edwards
David Hampton
Wes Harp
Lisa Hathorn
Roxanne Hilsman
Carolyne Howard
Diana Howell
David Lynch
Dawn Macke
Natalie Maynor
Susan Mitchel
Sara Morris
Sarah Morris
Chris Myers
Scott Overby
Jessie Partride
Paul Prine
Frederick Proctor
​Julie Propst
Gloria Reese
Sam Sample
Elizabeth Stevens
J. Adam Strong
Belmont Trapp
Phyliss Tutor
Troy Walters
William Wardlaw
Sara Weisenberger
Kristen Williams